"To make your experience the most beneficial this summer with BEST, I strongly encourage this video subscription! To obtain the greatest results, purchase and view before your first BEST session."
- BJ Mulder





See what past participants, players, and coaches have to say about BEST Shooting School.

  • I have been a long time believer in BEST. This past season, with just one summer of BEST training, I saw a major change in our team's shooting. We were at the top or near the top of the conference in every shooting percent category.
    Jordan Te Grootenhuis, Head Girls Basketball Coach, Rock Valley, IA
  • There is no better way to take your game to the next level than through BEST Basketball.
    Granger Kingland, Lake Mills IA Community Schools (Ranked 8th all-time in the Nation for highest 3 pt % (54.4% from FG, 53.6% from 3 PT and 89.9% from FT), First Team All-State Iowa Newspaper Association
  • BEST has been a huge part of my basketball training throughout my playing career. Beginning the BEST program at a young age, I was taught the stroke as well as the drills that I still use today. Taking BEST yearly, the footwork details of the program have allowed me to play at my highest level against some of the best athletes in the nation. Of all the developmental programs available, BEST will have the greatest impact on your future success.
    Daniel Jansen - 1st team All-American, Augustana University
  • “As the Lake Mills Junior Basketball Club Director and mother of three shooting guards, I am thankful and proud to say my sons have all been a part of B.E.S.T.  BJ is an excellent, motivating teacher who strives to encourage all of his students to master the shooting stroke and footwork methods.  The quick release is crucial in today’s 3 point game and his footwork drills allow the player to attack the basket or shoot with confidence.  I recommend BEST for the beginner to advanced player.”
    Gretchen Kingland, Parent
  • B.J.’s instruction brought my game to another level even after only three sessions with him. If you are willing to put in the work, the fundamentals he teaches will impact your play tremendously! It definitely helped me get to the next level.
    Missy Lange, Professional Basketball Player Birmingham Power, National Women’s Basketball League
  • I recommend B.E.S.T. to all our students to help their shooting consistency, footwork, and overall offensive game. It’s been a part of the success in our program for a long time.
    Tom Betz, Bishop Heelan Head Boys Basketball Coach - 2009 3A State Champs
  • The B.E.S.T. shooting system has been a huge factor in our program’s success. We have developed many outstanding shooters using  B.E.S.T. terminology, drills, and footwork. Perimeter shooting is traditionally a strength of our program, and the B.E.S.T. philosophy is what we teach.
    Kyle Menke, Lake Mills Head Boys’ Basketball Coach
  • My oldest son Michael had the opportunity to attend some excellent basketball camps over the years. However, I don’t believe he was exposed to the way B.J. teaches the fundamentals of shooting, footwork, and ball handling in the B.E.S.T. school. It is honestly one of the finest methods I’ve seen for teaching young players these fundamentals.
    Bruce Kalin, Father of Jacqui Kalin, 2010-11 Missouri Valley Conference Player of the Year
  • There is no doubt that B.E.S.T. has had a huge impact on my playing career from high school on. The footwork and fundamentals are geared for every player and they will help you get to the next level.
    Brandon Woudstra, Professional Basketball Player and 2003 NAIA Player of the Year
  • I’ve gone to a lot of clinics and have purchased numerous DVD’s on shooting and BJ Mulder’s B.E.S.T. is the most impressive I have seen!
    Andy Timm, Yutan HS Head Boys' BB Coach
  • B.J. has high expectations for his students and because of his knowledge, enthusiasm and passion for this program they respond!
    Kevin Negaard, CNOS, Sioux City, IA
  • The individual attention that B.J. gives each shooter, combined with his love of teaching the fundamentals of the game and his constant search for new and better drills, leaves no room for error. B.J. brings knowledge of the shot, infinite patience, and a will to see each shooter become the best that he or she can become.
    Darwin De Vries, Kingsley Pierson High School Former Head Boys’ Basketball Coach